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Our new step sequencer lets you construct complex musical patterns, via both MIDI and CV/Gate. Built around four full-featured 16-step sequencers in a compact and light enclosure, the Komplex Sequencer is a powerful tool both live and in the studio. All features have their own dedicated controls; no screens or submenus, and all features have their own dedicated in- and outputs on the large 87-point patch bay.

By patching both internal and external CV sources through the patch bay of the Komplex, you can control any parameter of the sequencer immediately and “sequence the sequence.” Controls include Speed, Sequence Length, Gate Length, Play Mode, Glide, Division, Transpose, Repeat, Sequence Start Point and Skip. Additionally, the sequencer can vary output range and also has a quantizer on board operable in different scales.

And not only is the sequencer compatible with almost any synthesizer with CV/Gate, MIDI note, velocity and CC information can also transmitted by any of the four sequencers. Lastly a seven bank CV Recorder is on board and can output up to 5 banks at once! The Komplex Sequencer opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities and starts where other sequencers have stopped.

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The KOMA Elektronik BD101 Analog Gate / Delay is an innovative voltage controlled analog delay in combination with a fully adjustable wide frequency range gate. The BD101 is capable of providing bit crushing effects, resonant frequencies, fast shifts between heavy delayed and cranked up sounds and super short pulses, with whatever instrument you want to plug into it. With the on board infrared expression controller the user is able to override / control all the front panel controls by moving their hands or feet over it, which makes the pedal a versatile and powerful tool for use live or in the studio.
BD101 - Analog Gate / Delay (+ free t-shirt)
339,- EUR
284,87 EUR

FT201 - Analog Filter / 10 Step Sequencer (+ free t-shirt) 354,- EUR
297,48 EUR

RH301 - Rhythm Workstation / Utility Tool (+ free t-shirt) 441,- EUR
370,59 EUR

SVF201 - Analog State Variable Filter (Eurorack) (+ free t-shirt) 249,- EUR
209,24 EUR

KOMMANDER - CV/Gate Motion Controller
70,- EUR
58,82 EUR

KABELHANGER - Cable Storage Solution (Eurorack / Standalone) - L
29,- EUR
24,37 EUR
KABELHANGER - Cable Storage Solution (Eurorack / Standalone) - M
25,- EUR
21,01 EUR

9,- EUR
7,56 EUR
39,- EUR
32,77 EUR

8,40 EUR

15,- EUR
12,61 EUR

15,- EUR
12,61 EUR

15,- EUR
12,61 EUR

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