The Komplex Sequencer accepts MIDI Clock In and MIDI Start/Stop messages at its MIDI In jack.


To connect an incoming MIDI Clock signal to, for example Sequencer A, plug in a MIDI cable with the MIDI Clock signal to the MIDI In jack. Than, plug a normal patch cable from the MIDI Clock Out to the Clock In of Sequencer A. To configure the internal scaling, please go to the Mode Menu and follow these steps:

In the Mode Menu, when step select button 9 is unlit, the sequencer’s Division knob operates normally when synced to an analog clock. When set at :4, the sequencer advances one step per trigger. However, when syncing the sequencer via MIDI, the MIDI Clock Out jack outputs 24 pules per quarter note. Set step select button 9 to lit so the Division knob is scaled and operates normally as above when synced via MIDI.

MIDI Start / Stop Input

When step select button 10 is unlit, the sequencer does not receive MIDI start and stop information. When it is lit, the sequencer receives MIDI start and stop.

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