The MIDI Out sends MIDI information as assigned in the Mode Menu. MIDI Out is able to send the Pitch, Velocity or CC information with selectable MIDI channel per sequencer. To configure the MIDI Out to your needs, go to the Mode Menu to set the specific behaviour per sequencer.

MIDI On / Off

When step select button 11 is unlit, the sequencer’s MIDI Out is turned off. When it is lit, its MIDI Out is turned on.


When step select button 12 is lit, the sequencer sends pitch via MIDI. When 13 is lit, it sends velocity. When 14 is lit, it sends a CC message. Only one button can be selected at a time, and it is not possible to deactivate all.

MIDI Channel

To select the MIDI channel per sequencer, press step select button 15. Then select the MIDI channel of your choice by selecting a step 1-16.

MIDI CC Number

Press step select button 16. Then select the CC number with the step select buttons as described: the CC numbers range from 0 to 127. The 3 digits are composed with two numbers referred to as x1 x2. The 16 step select buttons correspond to numbers 0-15. First, select the value of x1 (possible numbers 0-12). Then select the value of x2 (possible numbers 0-9). For example: 17 is x1 = 1, x2 = 7; 107 is x1 = 10, x2 = 7. Invalid CC numbers will not be accepted).

Please note: Each of the four sequencers on the Komplex can have a different MIDI function, but never the same function twice on the same MIDI channel.

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