DE:BUG Musiktechniktage 2012

This year we’ll also be present at the awesome DE:BUG Musiktechniktagen at Kater Holzig in Berlin. DE:BUG, for all who don’t know, is a great magazine here in Germany. During their annual workshopdays, we will host a workshop by KOMA endorsed artist Stefan Betke (a.k.a. pole) who will talk about his production workflow with analog (studio) gear. Afterwards, the KOMA crew will host a DIY solderworkshop for anyone interested in building stuff themselves. This year we’l build a device called the Quäkmonster, a theremin inside a stuffed animal. Does that sound like fun? Yes, we think so!

Go to for more information!

2nd November 2012 – Kater Holzig, Berlin

Workshop by Stefan Betke (pole):  3PM
Solderworkshop with the KOMA crew: 5PM

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