Out Now: KOMMANDER SWAG Neck Chains!

We can write about it, we can brag about it, but true swagger you can only see when confronted by it, let us introduce you to the KOMMANDER SWAG Neck Chain! Yes, its a KOMMANDER, but in a very special edition and there for no other reason than for you to be incredibly awesome! (so just to be clear: this unit is not working, it’s shining!) We will make 25 of them, each is 25 EUR excl. shipping, they’ll be handnumbered and signed by the KOMA Team! The KOMMANDER SWAG Neck Chain comes with 6 bright yellow LED’s, an on-and-off switch and will let you light up the evening. Want to order one? Please send us an email at support@koma-elektronik.com and get that swag on!


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