Get your KOMA kicks at the following resellers:

Schneidersladen (Berlin, Germany) Analogue Haven (Santa Monica, CA, United States)
Effektboutique (Ostfildren, Germany) Perfect Circuit Audio (Burbank, CA, United States)
Music Store (Cologne, Germany) Rock ‘n Roll Vintage (Chicago, IL, United States)
Hieber Lindberg (München, Germany) Foxtone Music (Minneapolis, MN United States)
Central Music (Berlin, Germany) Control (Brooklyn, NY, United States)
JustMusic (Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund, Germany) Control Voltage (Portland, OR, United States)
JUNO Records (London, United Kingdom) Nerd Audio (Chicago, IL, United States)
Rubadub (Glasgow, United Kingdom) Detroit Modular (Detroit, MI, United States)
London Modular (London, United Kingdom) MeMe Antenna (Brooklyn, NY, United States)
KMR Audio (London, United Kingdom) Muffwiggler Store (Portland, OR, United States)
The Sound Lab (Haarlem, Netherlands) Moog Audio Toronto (Toronto, ON, Canada) (The Hague, Netherlands) Moog Audio Montreal (Montreal, QC, Canada)
Error Instruments (Hoofddorp, Netherlands) SOUTH AMERICA
MIDI Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Audiotecna (Bogota, Colombia)
Gitarren Total (Zürich, Switzerland) AUSTRALIA
House of Sound (Basel, Switzerland) Equinoxoz (Newcastle, NSW, Australia) (Moscow, Russia) Awave (South Yarra, NSW, Australia)
New Groove (Fano, Italy) ASIA
Scolopendra (Bologna, Italy) LEP International (Hanamaki, Japan)
Funky Junk (Milan, Italy) Five G Music Technology (Tokyo, Japan)
Knob Shop (Barcelona, Spain) Miyaji Gakki Electric Piano Garage (Tokyo, Japan)
Analogue Zone (Budapest, Hungary) Ikebe Gakki Power DJ’s Ikebukuro (Tokyo, Japan)
These Go To Eleven (Stockholm, Sweden) Ikebe Gakki Revole Akihabara (Tokyo, Japan) (Stockholm, Sweden) Umeda Nakai Gakki Sanbangai (Osaka, Japan)
Escape From Noise (Stockholm, Sweden) Miki Gakki Shinsaibashi (Osaka, Japan) (Oslo, Norway) Wanatanabe Kyoto Digital&Drum (Kyoto, Japan)
Plastic Sounds (Coimbra, Portugal)
When you would like to become a KOMA Elektronik reseller, please get in contact with Wouter Jaspers.
Resellers from Japan, please get in contact with our Japanese distribution company Kikutani Music Co. Ltd.