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  • USB B Cable – Strom Mobile

    9,00  Read more

    Use this special USB B cable to connect your power banks to the Strom Mobile. We custom made this cable to prevent voltage drop when using power banks with the Strom Mobile.

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    Another 50 Ways To Use The Field Kit FX – Book

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    This beautiful book comes with every Field Kit FX order but might have gone missing or wasn’t part of your 2nd hand purchase.

    Contains an introduction to the Field Kit FX, technical details, a photograph of a goat as well as actually 50 ways to use the Field Kit FX.

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    Sequential Voltage Source Sensor

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    The Sequential Voltage Source is a little magical module which you can use in your musical setup quite easily and allows your Field Kit to become a Sequencer too. This board has three different modes: Stepped Random Voltage, CV Sequencer and an Euclidean Trigger Sequencer.

  • Modular Gang Dual Discrete VCA

    179,00  Read more

    Modular Gang teams up with KOMA Elektronik to bring you a limited edition Dual Discrete VCA module.

    Modular Gang Founder Rachel Lyn was Inspired by the aesthetics of vintage appliances and early electronic test equipment like the old control room tucked away in Berlin’s Kraftwerk building. There is something nostalgic, electric and timeless about analog circuit design and merky pea mint.

    Big dials, old control room feel and lines to function played a major part in Rachel’s inspiration. For the final touch, Rachel adds a flower LED which will be an individual color for each module. The flower represents her connection to nature and is a porthole to influence your music making. The Flower does not only capture this concept but also that of Flower Power. The belief that war is wrong  and that people should love and care for one another.

    A symbol to promote peace and love as a means of changing the world.

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    Komplex Sequencer Poster

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    This is both the manual for the Komplex Sequencer and a beautiful poster for your studio!

  • Komplex Sequencer Lamp

    149,00  Read more

    Handmade upcycled wall lamp from an actual Komplex Sequencer enclosure with wooden side panels and hook hole in the back.

    Comes with a remote control for changing color and brightness of the light. 4 different modes of changing color.

    Including power adapter.

    We hope this lamp will bring joy, light and beauty to your home or studio.

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    Electret Microphone Sensor

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    The electret microphone provides a simple solution to use your surroundings as a sample source. The board features a little trimmer to adjust the gain of the microphone pre-amplifier. Use a little screwdriver to adjust the gain according to the printing on the sensor board. It‘s preferable to adjust the signal level with the trimmer first and only use the level pot of the analog signal interface as a second adjustment stage. The electret microphone has an omnidirectional directivity and is capable of capturing the whole frequency spectrum from 20 to 20000 Hz. The electret microphone is best be used with the ANALOG IN of the Field Kit’s Sensor Interface.

  • Vintage Pedal Lamp (Light Synth)

    99,00 149,00  Select options

    Handmade upcyled wall lamp from vintage pedals enclosures (FT-201 / BD-101).

    • RGB color control
    • Intensity knob & On/Off Switch per color
    • CV input for Brightness control per color
    • Including power adapter

    We hope this lamp will bring joy, light and beauty to your home or studio.

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    Field Kit FX Lamp

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    Handmade ceiling lamp upcycled from actual Field Kit FX frontpanels.

    The perfect solution to have synthesizers inspiration even in the kitchen, or for getting inspired while laying on the bed.

    Comes with standard E27 socket for inserting your own lamp.

    Please note that this lamp has to be installed properly before usage and in some countries this needs to be done by a professional. It attaches directly to mains voltage and proper care must be taken!

    We hope this lamp will bring joy, light and beauty to your home or studio.

  • Field Kit DIY Workshop in Berlin 08.12.2022

    229,00  Read more

    This is a ticket for one person for our Field Kit DIY workshop in Berlin on the 08.12.2022, 7pm until 10pm.

    The workshop will be hosted in our workspace in Koloniestr. 29, 13359 Berlin and includes the Field Kit DIY Version, which you will solder in the time of the workshop.

    If you have your own solder tools, please bring them along. We will also provide tools but they might have to be shared with others.

    Workshop will be hosted by Christian.

    If you have any questions just mail us at our Support address (scroll down, text in orange).

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