Befaco – Regulated Power Bus DIY Kit


Red solid bus board from Befaco.

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Befaco’s regulated power bus features linear regulators for each rail and guarantees up to 1.5A of current without voltage drops and with minimum noise leakage.

It comes with faston blades for daisy chaining several busses together for monster cases!

Works best with our switched power supply.

Don’t try to plug this bus to any different source than a +/-15 volts power supply as it will not work or in the worst case damage the bus. We strongly recommend to use our power supply or a similar model.


Befaco Website


– Eurorack compliant
– 14 IDC “Boxed” outputs
– Blade connectors for linking multiple buses
– Regulation stage included
– Power out (all 1.5A): +12v, -12v & 5v
– Calibratable regulators for maximum precision at +/- 12 rails[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]