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Eurorack to Studiorack Converter(19″)

Introducing our Eurorack to 19″ Rack Converter, a solution designed to bridge the gap between the modular world and standard rack equipment.

This exclusive prototype, crafted through 3D printing, offers the unique opportunity to integrate the Koma Elektronik Eurorack Case into a 19″ rack format.


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As part of our introductory offer, we are inviting our customers to be at the forefront, pre-ordering this prototype at a special price. By choosing to backorder, you not only get the chance to beta-test this product but also to contribute to its development and refinement.

Your feedback will be invaluable as we strive to meet and exceed expectations, ensuring that the product achieves the desired level of demand for full-scale production.


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converter eurorackEurorack to Studiorack Converter(19″)
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