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Field Kit FX Lamp


Handmade ceiling lamp upcycled from actual Field Kit FX frontpanels.

The perfect solution to have synthesizers inspiration even in the kitchen, or for getting inspired while laying on the bed.

Comes with standard E27 socket for inserting your own lamp.

Please note that this lamp has to be installed properly before usage and in some countries this needs to be done by a professional. It attaches directly to mains voltage and proper care must be taken!

We hope this lamp will bring joy, light and beauty to your home or studio.

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This lamp is made from panels that have minor issues. Scratches, dents or maybe they are just a tiny bit too big or too small to fit properly. Often the fault is not easily visible, but our quality standards forbid us to use these in production. By turning them into into beautiful up-cycled lamps we created aesthetic objects out of these “misfits”.