Field Kit Sensor Pack B

KOMA Elektronik’s sensors offer a wide range of creative possibilities for interacting with the environment that surround yourself. Ambient signals such as light or heat can now be part of your live or studio setup. Physical interaction sensors create a more direct connection between you and your setup. Generative sensors help you create patterns and rhythms on the go.

The Field Kit Sensor Pack B consists of 3 sensors and Dupont 3 contact cable to connect. 

Compatible with the Field Kit.

More information about sensor included below.

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This board measures acceleration along three axis. Those measurements are used to generate CV signals or triggers. The accelerometer board features three modes:

  • Tap Detector with continous CV output
  • Tap Detector with trigger output
  • The ‘motorcycle mode’


Capacitive Touch

Connect the Capacitive Touch to organic items and use them as a controller, the Field Kit Sensor Interface will send out signals once you touch the matter. Banana rock, Cucumber Swing, Avocado Samba!



Micro Sequencer

The Micro Sequencer is a little magical module which you can use in your musical setup quite easily and allows your Field Kit to become a Sequencer too. This board has three different modes: Stepped Random Voltage, CV Sequencer and an Euclidean Trigger Sequencer.




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synthField Kit Sensor Pack B
Original price was: 59,00 €.Current price is: 48,00 €.
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