RH301 – Rhythm Work Station (Discontinued)

The RH-301 synchronises analog clock, MIDI clock and DIN Sync by a tap- and sync-able tempo generator with additional syncable LFO and an envelope generator. A great master clock synchroniser mega utility unit and the first of its kind!

In February 2021 we discontinued the RH301. 

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The beating heart of the RH301 is the master clock, of which the tempo can be set by turning the Tempo knob, by tapping a tempo on the tap button, by syncing it to MIDI, DIN Sync or an external analog clock signal. The generated clock signal can be passed on via two clock outputs, two division outputs or via the MIDI Output and DIN Sync Output. An incoming MIDI signal can also be passed along via the MIDI Thru and MIDI Out sockets.

And that’s not all: besides having a master clock section, the RH301 is also fitted with a LFO which can be synced to the master clock, a division of the master clock, or run freely from 0,25 Hz to 260 Hz in five different waveforms: sine, triangle, square, S&H and noisine. This means the pedal can also be used as an lo-fi oscillator, when you turn the LFO up into the audible range. The LFO has two separate outputs on the patch bay: LFO out and LFO inverted out. Some of the features of the LFO can also be modulated via control voltage, the pedal boasts CV inputs for LFO SPEED, LFO RESET and LFO SYMMETRY.

The third main feature of the RH301 is an Envelope Generator which can easily be synced to the master clock, a division of the master clock or run in loop mode. Besides the normal controls for ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN and RELEASE the pedal comes with a RANGE knob to change the time range of the envelope created. The envelope generator comes with a normal envelope output, but also an inverted envelope output and can be triggered by an external gate / trigger via the external gate Input.


Ext Clock, LFO Speed, LFO Reset, Env Gate, LFO Symmetry, DIN/MIDI


Clock x2, Division x2, Envelope, Envelope Inverted, LFO, LFO Inverted, Sensor, MIDI Out, DIN Out, MIDI Thru

Rear Panel Controls

Aux Control, LFO Symmetry CV In, LFO Speed CV In


Tempo, Division, Clock Source, LFO Rate, LFO Shape, LFO Symmetry, LFO Mode, Env Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Env Mode


Powder coated aluminium casing, silk screened text and wooden side panels.


23 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm (L x W x H) / 9" x 9.8" x 2" (L x W x H)

Net Weight

1000 gr / 2.2 lbs

Shipping Weight

1.5 kg. / 3.3 lbs including power adapter and this instruction manual.

Power Requirements

9V DC power adapter, 500mA min, center polarity negative (only use the KOMA adapter shipped with the pedal).


You can download the manual for the RH-301 here.


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