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All the world of sensors in a special bundle, at a special price.

KOMA Elektronik’s sensors offer a wide range of creative possibilities for interacting with the environment that surround yourself. Ambient signals such as light or heat can now be part of your live or studio setup. Physical interaction sensors create a more direct connection between you and your setup. Generative sensors help you create patterns and rhythms on the go.

This bundle consists of 9 sensors and  2 cables to connect to your Field Kit or Sensei module.

Compatible with the Field Kit and Sensei module.

More information about sensors included below.

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Button / Jack

This is rather a utility tool than an actual sensor. It allows you to either use a pushbutton or any CV-Signal (0- 5V) as a signal source. You can select to either use the button or any signal connected to the jack input with the jumper located right next to pin-header. The voltage present at the output upon a button press can be selected with the two jumpers next to the button. The button and jack can be used with both the ANALOG IN and the DIGITAL IN of the Field Kit’s Sensor Interface.

Electret Microphone

The electret microphone provides a simple solution to use your surroundings as a sample source. The board features a little trimmer to adjust the gain of the microphone pre-amplifier. Use a little screwdriver to adjust the gain according to the printing on the sensor board. It‘s preferable to adjust the signal level with the trimmer first and only use the level pot of the analog signal interface as a second adjustment stage. The electret microphone has an omnidirectional directivity and is capable of capturing the whole frequency spectrum from 20 to 20000 Hz. The electret microphone is best be used with the ANALOG IN of the Field Kit’s Sensor Interface.


Light Sensor

The light sensor will change the output voltage depending on the light intensity. The spectral sensitivity is similar to the human eye, covering the full spectra of visible light, with a peak at 570nm (green/yellow). The change of the voltage according to the light intensity can be set with the three jumpers on the board. Set those jumpers according to printing on the board. The light sensor can be used with the ANALOG IN and the DIGITAL IN of the Field Kit’s Sensor Interface.


Temperature Sensor

The temperature board features two output modes: a continuous CV or a trigger.

CV Mode: The board will output a continuous voltage in range 0 – 5 V depending on the measured temperature and scaled to the set lower and upper temperature limit.

Trigger Mode: The board will generate a trigger whenever the measured temperature rises above the set upper limit temperature. LED 1 will blink whenever a trigger is generated. The sensor covers a temperature range from -55°C to +125°C.


Ball Switch

The ball switch consists of a little bouncy ball jumping around in a container connecting two contacts and thus acts like a switch. In contrary to a normal push button, which has very well defined states, the switching of a ball switch is more similar to a percussion shaker. There are two resting-positions which define a certain state of the switch: the board is lying flat on the table with its bottom facing the table: the switch is open the board is lying flat on the table with its top facing the table: the switch is closed. The voltage assigned to those states can be set with the two jumpers on the board. Refer to the printing on the board to identify the position that suits your needs. The ball switch can be used with the ANALOG IN and the DIGITAL IN of the Field Kit’s Sensor Interface.


This board measures acceleration along three axis. Those measurements are used to generate CV signals or triggers. The accelerometer board features three modes:

  • Tap Detector with continous CV output
  • Tap Detector with trigger output
  • The ‘motorcycle mode’


Capacitive Touch

Connect the Capacitive Touch to organic items and use them as a controller, the Field Kit Sensor Interface will send out signals once you touch the matter. Banana rock, Cucumber Swing, Avocado Samba!


Micro Sequencer

The Micro Sequencer is a little magical module which you can use in your musical setup quite easily and allows your Field Kit to become a Sequencer too. This board has three different modes: Stepped Random Voltage, CV Sequencer and an Euclidean Trigger Sequencer.

Linear Softpot Field Kit Sensor


This is an awesome addition to the Field Kit. Slide your finger over the Softpot and the voltage will increase and decrease. The Softpot has a hold function, so you can play it like a keyboard, outputting voltages that are very useful to control motors and casually search through the radio bands, or to control a hacked walkman!



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Original price was: 125,00 €.Current price is: 99,00 €.
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