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  • Field Kit FX – Eurorack Multi-Effects Processor



    Our latest machine the Field Kit FX has been funded through the community at Kickstarter and is now available for order here on the KOMA website. The Field Kit FX is more fun with the right tools! You could add the FX Expansion Pack, which offers a spring reverb tank and other goodies!

    This is the Eurorack version. For the boxed version go here.

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    KOMA Dual Discrete VCA

    199,00 149,00

    25% OFF!

    The KOMA Dual Discrete VCA offers two independent high quality VCA channels, both built up out of discrete transistor cells with low CV and audio bleed, very low noise and distortion. The VCA’s feature set also enables you to experiment with the linear/exponential response curve, changing the dynamics of your sound. Play around with the gain settings for creative distortion effects in the classic KOMA style:

    High quality sound by default, noise by choice!

  • Field Kit – Eurorack Electro Acoustic Workstation


    Play with Motors, Sensors, Contact Microphones, Radiosignals! The Field Kit was funded through the community at Kickstarter and now available here on the KOMA website. The Field Kit is more fun with the right tools! You could add an Expansion Pack!

    This is the assembled EURORACK version of the Field Kit, for boxed assembled version, go here, for the DIY version, go here.

  • Poltergeist – Quadraphonic Mixer


    The KOMA Elektronik Poltergeist Analog Quadraphonic Audio Mixer / Panner / VCA is unlike any other eurorack module that has previously existed. Previously you would need multiple modules from various manufacturers to achieve something similar to what we perceive as quadraphonic sound. But now with one single module, you can mix and control signals quadraphonically with complete control and beyond. Four channels each with it’s own VCA, plus a stereo auxiliary input, are mixed out to four separate outputs enabling the user to manipulate signals both stereophonically and quadraphonically in entirely new and ghostly ways with its 21 ins and outs, 48 analog SSM VCAs and unique hands-on mixing features.

    With performance in mind when designing the Poltergeist, KOMA Elektronik included large Pan knobs for total control over the 360 degree range field. Also, clickless solo and mute buttons allow for effortless and instantaneous changes on the fly. Beyond these controls, you can also tailor your sound with extreme detail using functions such as Slope, Field and Origin. With just this mixer, some audio sources and a couple of LFOs, extremely complex sound design can be achieved.

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    SVF201 – Analog State Variable Filter


    The KOMA Elektronik SVF-201 is a state variable filter for the Eurorack modular synthesizer system. Its filter circuit is built up with optical parts (vactrols) therefor delivering excellent studio audio quality and an unique warm analogue sound. The module uses parallel mounted PCBs so it can be used in skiffs as well as in big cases, the total depth is less than 4 cm. The SVF-201 comprises 4 audio outputs that can be used independent of each other at the same time, a High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass and the unique first ever CV’able Mix Out. The Mix Out out let’s you sweep continuously through the other three outputs by means of a knob and control voltage.

    The SVF-201 offers an amazing sounding filter together with a well designed user friendly surface; a professional surrounding inviting you to play it real good.