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  • Strom Mobile – Portable Power Solution

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    Strom Mobile is a portable power solution for music makers and everyone who needs reliable voltage source at all times! The Strom Mobile transforms the output voltage of USB power banks (5V DC) to either 9V or 12V DC to power any (music) device running on those voltages. There are two independent channels which can output individually set voltages. The Strom Mobile includes an input current feedback system to save the user from exceeding the maximum output current of the USB powerbank in use.

    1 unit consists of the Strom Mobile, 1 x USB B Cable and 2 x DC Cable and an English user manual. Please note: USB Powerbanks not included.
    Need more cables? Check out the Strom Mobile Cable Pack!

  • Strom Mobile Cable Pack

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    To get the most out of the Strom Mobile we offer this pack which consists of:

    • 1 x USB B cable (specifically designed version to minimize voltage drop)
    • 1 x 1-to-5 Daisychain DC Cable,
    • 2 x DC Cable
    • 1 x Polarity Changing DC Cable (go from center-negative to center-positive)
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    1 to 5 DC Daisychain Cable

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    Power up to 5 devices with one DC PSU. Boss standard barrel connector female to 5 male connectors. Total length: 1,8m.

  • DC – DC Cable Strom Mobile

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    Use this cable to connect your DC powered devices to your Strom Mobile!  This is a standard DC cable, that doesn’t change the polarity of your signal. The length of the cable is 100 cm and comes with a 2.1mm barrel connector on both ends.

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    Genderbender Inverting DC Cable (Pack of 2)

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    This will change the polarity of any DC output. Converts the center negative DC outputs of the Strom Mobile to center positive.

    You can also change the polarity of a PSU’s output with these cables: Plug it into a center negative DC output and this cable will change it into center positive (and vice versa).

    Both plugs are white color for easier recognition.

  • USB B Cable – Strom Mobile

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    Use this special USB B cable to connect your power banks to the Strom Mobile. We custom made this cable to prevent voltage drop when using power banks with the Strom Mobile.

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