KOMA Strom+ Bundle

The KOMA STROM+ Bundle is a great and cost effective power solution for your Eurorack case. The Bundle pack includes a high-quality CINCON adapter, STROM+ power module and a flying bus board. STROM + offers a current sensing technology so you have your total power consumption under control at all times!



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Technical Specifications


  • Output: 1.5A @ +12V | 1.5A @ +5V | 1.0 A @ -12V
  • Input: 15V, 4.6 A (center positive)

Safety Mechanisms

  • Replaceable input fuse. Protects the wall-plugged adapter. The KOMA Strom AC/DC adapter actually has its own protection mechanisms and will itself shutdown in most cases before the input fuse trips.
  • Input overvoltage. Strom+ works up to specification from 15V – 20V input and works out of specification up to 28V input.
  • Input reverse polarity protection
  • Output overvoltage protection
  • Output short-circuit protection
  • Output over current protection
  • Output undervoltage protection
  • All above output protections independent for each rail. If any rail fails, the whole module shuts down.

Connectors and Controls

  • Main DC-Input (15 VDC)
  • On/Off switch
  • Front panel connector to a passive Strom module
  • 2 standard Eurorack 16-pin connectors (for modules or a flying busboard)
  • Back panel Strom connector to solid busboards


  • 4HP
  • 48mm without Eurorack power connector connected (distribute power via Strom connector cable)
  • 52mm with Eurorack power cable connected

Flying Busboard:

  • 7 Standard Eurorack Power Connectors (to connect modules)


  • Input Voltage: 90 VAC to 264 VAC
  • Output Power: 70W
  • Output Voltage: 15 V
  • Output Current: 4.65 A
  • DC Output Connector: 2.5 mm Barrel Plug
  • DC Output Lead Length: 1.22 m

Read the Manual for the KOMA Elektronik STROM Power Solution.

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