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Our step sequencer lets you construct complex musical patterns, via both MIDI and CV/Gate. Built around four full-featured 16-step sequencers in a compact and light enclosure, the Komplex Sequencer is a powerful tool both live and in the studio. All features have their own dedicated controls; no screens or submenus, and all features have their own dedicated in- and outputs on the large 87-point patch bay. By patching both internal and external CV sources through the patch bay of the Komplex, you can control any parameter of the sequencer immediately and “sequence the sequence.” Controls include Speed, Sequence Length, Gate Length, Play Mode, Glide, Division, Transpose, Repeat, Sequence Start Point and Skip. Additionally, the sequencer can vary output range and also has a quantizer on board operable in different scales.

And not only is the sequencer compatible with almost any synthesizer with CV/Gate, MIDI note, velocity and CC information can also transmitted by any of the four sequencers. Lastly a seven bank CV Recorder is on board and can output up to 5 banks at once! The Komplex Sequencer opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities and starts where other sequencers have stopped.

More information on all the functions of the Komplex Sequencer:


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CV Inputs

Clock, Rec Clock, Transpose, Start, Stop, Skip Step, Sequence Start Point, Repeats, Seq Length, Gate Length, Play Mode, Glide, Division, CV Recorder (CV In, Clock, Start, Bank Up/Down)

CV Outputs

CV Out, Gate Out, Start Of Sequence, End Of Sequence, Clock, CV Recorder CV Out (A, B, C, D and CV)

Sequencer Controls

64 Sliders and Step Select Buttons, Speed, Sequence Length, Gate Length, Play Mode, Glide, Division, Quantizer and Scale, Output Range, One-Shot Mode, Play/Pause and Stop, Global Play/Pause and Global Stop

Section Controls

Repeat Set, Mode Menu, Skip Step, Glide, Sequence Start Point, Gate


MIDI In, MIDI Out, MIDI Clock Out (1 trigger per quarter note)

CV Recorder

Banks A, B, C and D available at corresponding sequencer patch bay outputs. All 7 banks selectable at CV Recorder CV Out by the Select control or Bank Up/Down inputs. CV is recorded and clocked through the CV Recorder CV and Clock inputs or Sequencer Rec Clock inputs.

Extra Features

Mode Menu (Skip Step Mode, Repeat Mode, Unipolar/Bipolar CV Output, MIDI Message, MIDI Channel, MIDI CC) and Firmware Updates


Powder coated aluminum casing, silk screened printing and wooden side panels.


46.2 cm x 29 cm x 4 cm (L x W x H)
18.2" x 11.4" x 1.6" (L x W x H)

Net Weight

3.2 kg / 8.8 lb

Shipping Weight:

4.5 kg. / 9.9 lbs including power adapter and instruction manual.

Power Requirements:

12V AC power adapter. Only use the KOMA adapter shipped with the unit.


Included: dust cover, manual and power supply unit.
Rackmount kit will be available separately upon release of the sequencer.


To update your Komplex Sequencer to operate with the latest firmware, download the ZIP archive file below:

Komplex Sequencer FW 2.1

Komplex Sequencer Firmware V2.1


– Tied gates are turned off when sequencer is stopped
– Fixed a bug regarding hangs in random playmode when a lot of steps are turned off
– Chaining of sequencers with the eos-trigger works now without any glitches
– Added digital filter to prevent sequencer D from jumping

— Note —
– Only sequencers A – D need to be updated (not MIDI). Other files just for reference and updates from versions < Firmware 2.1

For more information on how to update your KOMPLEX Sequencer, please click here or refer to the PDF inside the zip file linked above.

Komplex Sequencer Firmware V2.0

– Overall code rewrite enhancing general playability and reliability
– Selectable STOP behaviour switches between Stop and Reset
– Swing
– Reset function for Steps, Gates, Glides and Repeats
– 100% Gate Length (tied gates)
– Faster response to external clocks (100μs from clock to gate typically)

Download Komplex Sequencer Firmware 2.0 here: KomplexSequencerV2.0Firmware.zip



Download the Komplex manual in A2 / Komplex manual in A2 – printer friendly version (white)

Download the Mode Menu manual annotations here (v2.0) / And in white here.

Older versions:

Download the Mode-Menu Manual annotations for firmware < V2.0 here (v1.3).

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