Modular Gang Dual Discrete VCA

Modular Gang teams up with KOMA Elektronik to bring you a limited edition Dual Discrete VCA module.

Modular Gang Founder Rachel Lyn was Inspired by the aesthetics of vintage appliances and early electronic test equipment like the old control room tucked away in Berlin’s Kraftwerk building. There is something nostalgic, electric and timeless about analog circuit design and merky pea mint.

Big dials, old control room feel and lines to function played a major part in Rachel’s inspiration. For the final touch, Rachel adds a flower LED which will be an individual color for each module. The flower represents her connection to nature and is a porthole to influence your music making. The Flower does not only capture this concept but also that of Flower Power. The belief that war is wrong  and that people should love and care for one another.

A symbol to promote peace and love as a means of changing the world.


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The KOMA Dual Discrete VCA offers two independent high-quality VCA channels, both built up out of discrete transistor cells with low CV and audio bleed, very low noise and distortion. It features two audio inputs per channel and can be used as a four input mixer.

The VCA’s feature set also enables you to experiment with the linear/exponential response curve of the cores, changing the dynamics of your sound.

Additionally, all four inputs offer a soft-clipping stage, so you can get your crunchy going!

This is the very limited edition KOMA Elektronik X Modular Gang redesign of the Dual Discrete VCA by Modular Gang’s Founder Rachel Lyn. Lyn was inspired by the aesthetics of vintage appliances and early electronic test equipment, KOMA provides their discrete analog VCA design!

Dual Discrete VCA with 4 audio inputs. The inputs offer an analog soft-clipping stage before they go into the VCA. The VCA stages themselves are built up with discrete components (transistors) and have very low CV and audio bleed.

The slope with which the VCA reacts to incoming CV signals can be changed from linear to logarithmic which essentially enables you to go between hard and soft in terms of CV reaction. It is also an interesting feature to explore when using the VCA for amplitude modulation of audio signals.

CV1 on the first VCA is internally connected to +5V, so if no signal is connected to CV1 input, the CV attenuator (ATT) can be used as a loudness control. CV2 is directed to the VCA core directly without an attenuator. The same is true for CV2/CV1 on the second VCA.

Can be used as a dual 2:1 mixer or as a single 4:1 mixer as well. This is nice because of the soft-clipping input stage. Output A is mixed together with Output B if no cable is plugged into output A.

The module is 10HP.

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KOMA Dual Discrete VCA

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