KOMA Cases for Eurorack systems!

Go modular with the KOMA 3U Case, which is designed with modular expansion in mind. Paired with the KOMA Strom powermodules its a affordable and high quality set up for every modular synthesist.

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Explore music beyond stereo!

There are few modules out there more unique than the KOMA Poltergeist! Utilize this analogue monster as a Quadraphonic Audio Mixer, Panner and VCA to spin sounds through the room and use directional sound as a musical tool!

Get Spinnin'!

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at home in Neukölln.

Besides building stuff in our workspace we also our own little shop at our office here in Berlin called Common Ground. It’s a space where you can come by to solder DIY projects, follow workshops, check out all the KOMA gear with a cold beer or read about music technology in our library. We also sell a small selection of second hand synthesizers and a ton of DIY kits, which you can build at the shop immediately, for free. We also host a bunch of workshops! Common Ground is our wohnzimmer. Open: Friday: 14hr – 19hr, Saturday 12hr – 18hr   Weisestr. 24 12049 Berlin-Neuköln.