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KOMA Case 3U / 84HP powered

This is the powered version that includes the case as described here, a Strom+ module, a Strom power supply (AC/DC adapter) and a Strom busboard with connector cable. You only need to plug modules into the case and you’re ready to go!

One case fits 84HP of modules with a depth of 70mm.

The cases can be used with an incredible amount of flexibility to swap in an out full rows and create larger setups using the Case Connectors and Case Standoffs.

The side cheeks are made of high-quality Finnish plywood and are coated with a durable transparent melamine film. The black surface is hardwearing and crack resistant as well as easy to clean.

All cases are shipped with a set of 4 rubber feet and 50 x M3 screws.


These new versions (from 2021 onwards) have a hole in the top and bottom face with a black / white plastic plug. This enables you to power extra cases passively without the need for a Strom Passive module. When you remove the plastic plug, you can feed a cable through the hole and directly connect busboards together. This saves an extra 4HP of your precious modular synthesizer real estate.



Please download the case manual here.

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