CV Recorder


CV Recorder Bank Up/Down

Send a trigger (+5V) at these inputs to move the selected bank one position up or down. This only affects banks 1-3. You can, for example, use the SOS Out (Start of Sequence Output) and EOS OUT (End of Sequence Output).  

CV Recorder Clock In

The incoming clock signal to the CV Recorder Clock In sets the speed of the record and playback of the central CV Recorder. One positive pulse steps the CV Recorder one step.

CV Recorder CV In

The CV Recorder CV Input receives control voltage to be recorded to the selected CV Recorder bank (1, 2 or 3) via the Set control.

CV Recorder CV Out

The CV Recorder CV Out outputs the corresponding CV passing through the CV Recorder CV In or the output of what is recorded in CV Recorder Banks 1, 2 or 3.


CV Recorder Play

You can start the CV Recorder in two ways: By pressing the Play Button in the CV Recorder section. Use the Set rotary encoder to select the bank to play. By sending a positive pulse (a +5V trigger signal) to the CV Recorder Start Input, the selected sequence starts playback. Please note: The CV Recorder always …

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CV Recorder Record

When the Record button is engaged, the CV Recorder will start recording the incoming CV signal at its CV Input to the selected CV Bank chosen by the Set rotary encoder whenever the first trigger is received at the CV Recorder Clock In. When the Record button is disengaged, recording of the incoming CV signal will …

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CV Recorder Set

The Set rotary control selects which CV Recorder Bank is being played at the main CV Recorder CV Out and being recorded to at the main CV Recorder CV In. Only banks 1, 2 and 3 can be played out of the central CV Recorder CV Output. But, all banks (including A, B, C and D) must …

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CV Recorder Start

When this input receives a positive pulse, the CV Recorder begins playback on the selected bank.

Rec Clock In

The Rec Clock In sets the speed of the corresponding CV Recorder (A, B, C or D) both for recording and playback via an incoming positive clock signal. The Clock Out is normalled to this input.

Rec Out

The Rec Out is the CV output of the corresponding CV Recorder bank (A, B, C or D). It will play at the rate of the clock it receives at the Rec Clk In.

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