CV/Gate Updates

To update your Komplex Sequencer to operate with the latest firmware, download the ZIP archive file from the Komplex Sequencer Product Page.

Komplex Sequencer Boot loader Manual for Sequencers A – D
  • Download the latest firmware *.zip file from the Komplex Sequencer Product Page;
  • Extract the *.wav files into a folder;
  • Open an audio program (we recommend the freeware audacity) and load the first *.wav file. Alternatively you can also use an mp3 player with an audio output;
  • Crank up the volume.
BE CAREFUL! The sound of the firmware update file is a very harsh audio file and could damage your ears if you listen to it on full volume! KOMA Elektronik will not take responsibility for any damages resulting from wrong handling of your audio device.
Now follow these steps:
1) Unplug all cables from the patch bay and power off the unit.
2) Connect a cable from your audio output to the START input of sequencer A’s patch bay. Always plug in the cable to the audio output first and then the other end into the START input.  The reason for this is that if you do it the other way around the plugging procedure can be interpreted by the first few bits of the updating process already and this will lead to an unsuccessful update.
3) Press Master PLAY and Master STOP simultaneously, keep holding them and insert the power cable. When you insert the power cable keep the two buttons pressed and the blue LEDs of the One-Shot Mode buttons of all four sequencers will blink two times. The individual START button LEDs will be lit when the the sequencer is ready to accept the new firmware.
4) All four sequencers are now ready to accept the new firmware.
5) Play back the audio file corresponding to the sequencer you would like to update (For sequencer A, use the file Komplex_Sequencer_1_1_A.wav). When you start playing the wav file, the corresponding START button LED will go unlit until the updating process is finished.
6) Wait until the whole file has been fully played back.
7) After a successful update the START button LED will blink twice, the sequencer will restart. (and the STOP button LED will be lit). Continue with Step 9.
8) If problems occurred, the STOP button LED will start to blink quickly. In that case unplug the power cable, go into boot loader mode (see step 3) and try to update the sequencer it again until the update is successful. Check the  troubleshooting information below to find the problem you are facing. 
9) Now, unplug the audio cable from the patch bay and plug it into the next sequencer to be updated’s START input and repeat from Step 5 (use respectively Komplex_Sequencer_1_1_B.wav for Sequencer B etc.)
Once you restart the sequencer in boot loader mode, all PLAY button LED’S will be on again. When you successfully updated a sequencer you do not have to update that one again.
10) After a successful re-flash of all four sequencers be sure to power down and up the unit again.
What could go wrong:
  • It could be that the audio volume is too low or too high, try out what works best;
  • It could be you have a bad audio connection or cable;
  • Make sure you play back the correct file to the correct sequencer;
  • It could be you didn’t restart the sequencer in between sequencer updates.
  • In some very rare cases headphones outputs can create problems when you insert a mono cable because one of the two channels will then be connected to ground. For this reason we recommend either using a stereo cable or a Y-splitter cable to connect your sound card / audio interface to your Komplex Sequencer.


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