Firmware Changelog


VERSION 1.3 (Flower Power)

– Fixed bug with maximum multiples when turning division knob (also applies to cv-input)
– Saved repeats are not overwritten on first playback
– Problem with Repeats-CV-Input fixed
– Added menu to display the firmware-version (hold step-menu, press gate-menu)
– Added manual save-function (hold step-menu, press mode-menu)
– CV-Control of Division is timing-friendly
– Fixed problem with ratcheting repeats which don’t fit into step-length (repeats are automatically limited and overwritten)


VERSION 1.2 (Special K)

– Fixed toggling divisions on all sequencers
– Fixed MIDI bug where a turned-off gate would send a full-length MIDI note
– Fixed flickering Sequence Length
– Fixed minor MIDI bugs

VERSION 1.1 (H Code)


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