Knobs and Buttons Overview

Knobs and Buttons Overview

Knobs and Buttons Komplex Sequencer


[col2]A. CV Slider
Sets the output amount of CV per step.

B. Step Select Button
Multi-function control for per step selection of the Section Controls.

C. Speed 
Sets the tempo of the sequencer.

D. Seq Length
Sets how many steps the sequencer will play until it resets back to the sequence start point. The step select buttons show how long the sequence is when the control is touched.

E. Gate Length
Sets the pulse width of the gate signal coming from the Gate Output.

F. Play Mode
Sets the order in which the steps are played: Forward, Reverse, Ping Pong, Ping Pong Reverse and Random. Ping Pong and Ping Pong Reverse differ in their Stop position.

G. Glide
Sets the portamento time for steps in which glide is active. Can be used for acid-style slides!

H. Division
Sets the division of the SPEED or incoming clock at which the sequencer will run.[/col2][col2]I. Quantizer
Scales the sequencer CV output to V/oct, selectable in chromatic, major and minor scales. Use the on/off buttons to switch the quantizer on or off per channel.

J. Output Range
This setting defines the maximum peak-to-peak CV Output, choose between 2, 5 and 9 volts.

K. One-Shot Mode
When engaged, the sequencer only runs once until Play is pressed again.

L. Global Play / Pause
Starts all 4 sequencers or pauses them at once to their current position until started again.

M. Global Stop
Stops all 4 sequencers  at once to their Sequence Start Point.

N. Play / Pause
Starts the sequencer or pauses it at its current position until started again.

O. Stop
Stops and resets the sequencer at once to it’s corresponding sequence start points[/col2]


[col2]P. Repeat Set (Green)
Use the step select buttons to select which steps will repeat. Once a step is selected, the position of the blinking step select button will indicate how many times it will repeat. Press step 1-16 to set how many repetitions the step will make.

Q. Mode Menu (Green)
Press this button to access the mode menu. Here, you can change the step skip behaviour, repeat mode, unipolar/bipolar CV output mode and MIDI parameters. [/col2][col2]R. Step (Orange)
The step select buttons indicate which steps are active. Ones that are deselected behave as set in the Skip Step Mode Menu.

S. Glide (Orange)
When a step is selected, the setting of the Glide control is applied.

T. SSP (Blue)
The step select button indicates the sequence start point.

U. Gate (Blue)
Sets which steps output a GateS Signal at Gate Out.[/col2]


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