To output a MIDI CC message, first make sure you switched on the Komplex MIDI mode by going to the MODE MENU.

First turn on MIDI on the sequencer you want to use to output MIDI CC messages. Make sure you also set the right MIDI channel for this sequencer. Than, turn on MIDI CC mode by pushing the 14th step select button.

Than, to choose the correct MIDI CC Number, press step select button 16. Then select the CC number with the step select but- tons as described: the CC numbers range from 0 to 127. The 3 digits are composed with two numbers referred to as x1 x2. The 16 step select buttons correspond to numbers 0-15. First, select the value of x1 (possible numbers 0-12). Then select the value of x2 (possible numbers 0-9). For example: 17 is x1 = 1, x2 = 7; 107 is x1 = 10, x2 = 7. Invalid CC numbers will not be accepted).

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