MIDI Updates

To update your Komplex Sequencer to operate with the latest firmware, download the ZIP archive file from the Komplex Sequencer Product Page.

Komplex Sequencer Bootloader Manual for MIDI
  • Get a program that allows you to send System Exclusive (sysex) MIDI files.
  • Extract the Komplex_Bootloader_init.syx file from the zip file which is available at the KOMA Elektronik Komplex Sequencer support page.
  • Start up your Komplex Sequencer and connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI IN jack of the sequencer to the MIDI OUT of your sound card / audio interface.

Updating the MIDI firmware: 

1) Refer to your SysEx program’s instructions on how to send SysEx data from your sound card / audio interface to your sequencer and send the Komplex_Bootloader_init.syx file via MIDI. Apart from the cable there are no more necessary preparations to be made on the sequencer side. The transfer process will take less than a second. After successfully receiving this file the Komplex sequencer is now in MIDI boot loader mode. You can prove if your Komplex sequencer is in MIDI boot loader mode if the MIDI CLK output between the two MIDI jacks sends out a logic HIGH, which can be seen as a constant 5V.
2) When the sequencer is in MIDI boot loader mode, load the firmware file Komplex _MIDI_1_1.syx into your SysEx program and send it to the Komplex sequencer a well. Depending on your SysEx program and MIDI settings this can take up to 30 seconds.
3) After successfully updating the MIDI firmware, the MIDI CLK output should go LOW again which is equal to 0V.
4) You have now updated your MIDI firmware.

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