CV Recorder Record

CV Recorder Record

When the Record button is engaged, the CV Recorder will start recording the incoming CV signal at its CV Input to the selected CV Bank chosen by the Set rotary encoder whenever the first trigger is received at the CV Recorder Clock In. When the Record button is disengaged, recording of the incoming CV signal will stop.

Each trigger steps the CV Recorder one step. Usually the clock would come from the same gate or clock source as the incoming CV being recorded. However, any clock could be used to make an alternate snapshot of the incoming CV being recorded.

Normal use of the CV Recorder would be as follows:
1. With the sequencer stopped, take the second CV Out of one of the sequencers into the CV Recorder CV In.
2. Take a multiple of the Gate Out of the same sequencer into the CV Recorder Clock In.
3. Take the sequencer’s EOS Out into the Start input of the CV Recorder.
4. Engage the Record button of the CV Recorder.
5. Press Play on the sequencer. Once the sequence plays through once, the CV Recorder will engage to Play mode and disengage Record mode. Thus, the CV Recorder will have recorded one full pass of the sequencer.

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