Repeat Set

Repeat Set

After engaging the Repeat Set function in the Section Controls, you can use the Step Select Buttons to select which steps will repeat and configure how many times they will be repeated. The Komplex Sequencer has two repeat modes: Normal Repeat Mode (the selected step gets repeated in the same tempo as the sequence) or Ratcheting Repeat Mode, where the step is repeated “inside” the selected step (up to 16 Gate Repeats within one step). These modes can be easily selected in the Mode Menu.

Setting Repeats

To set a repeat on a step you press the Step Select Button of the step you would like to repeat. Once a step is selected, the position of the blinking step select button will indicate how many times it will repeat. Press step 1-16 to set how many repetitions the step will make.

Removing Repeats

To remove repeat settings on a step, press the Step Select Button of the step you selected to be repeated. The selected amount of repeats will start blinking.
Press the first Step Select Button of the sequence to reset it to only 1 repeat.

Repeats Input Behavior

Next to the manual programming of the repeats, one could also send a CV signal to the Repeat function. The CV Input of the Repeats is a momentary offset. You can add repeats to an already repeated step by applying a CV signal between +0V – +5V, but just for the specific moment when applying CV to the Repeats Input. The CV voltage applied will be added to the repeats already programmed by the user. Please note that the CV Input is only evaluated at the very first step of a repeated step.


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