After engaging the Gate function in the Section Controls, you can use the 16 step select buttons of each sequencer...
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Gate Length

The Gate Length rotary control sets the pulse width of the gate signal coming from the Gate Out. Animation of the...

Gate Length In

Control voltage into the Gate Length Input sets the Gate Length at the Gate Out of the sequencer.

Gate Out

The Gate out jack outputs a +5V gate signal where a Gate step is engaged on the step select buttons...

Getting Started

1. Unpack your machine The package contains the Komplex Sequencer itself, a dust cover, the user manual and the power supply...
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To select the steps on which Glide is active, first select Glide in the Section Controls and chose your steps. The Glide rotary control...

Glide In

Control voltage into the Glide In sets the Glide time from very quick to long.

Global Play / Pause

Starts all 4 sequencers or pauses them to their current step position until started again.

Global Stop

Stops and resets all sequences at once to their corresponding Sequence Start Point.