Rec Clock In

The Rec Clock In sets the speed of the corresponding CV Recorder (A, B, C or D) both for recording and playback via an incoming positive clock signal. The Clock Out is normalled to this input.

Rec Out

The Rec Out is the CV output of the corresponding CV Recorder bank (A, B, C or D). It will play at the rate of the clock it receives at the Rec Clk In.


Repeat Set

After engaging the Repeat Set function in the Section Controls, you can use the Step Select Buttons to select which steps will repeat and configure how many times they will be repeated. The Komplex Sequencer has two repeat modes: Normal Repeat Mode (the selected step gets repeated in the same tempo as the sequence) or Ratcheting Repeat Mode, …

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Repeats In

Incoming CV to the Repeats Input sets the number of repeats for steps where Repeat is set active in the Section Controls.

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