I connected my DAW to the RH301 via MIDI but the pedal doesn’t seem to start?

Firstly, make sure that you set the master clock sync source to EXT and make sure that your DAW is sending the correct MIDI signals. The RH301 expects a MIDI clock signal, not a MIDI time code. Furthermore, your DAW should send a start signal whenever you hit play. Sometimes it can happen that programs only send a start signal in the beginning of a song, not every time when you hit Play – for example in Ableton Live you should try to set “MIDI Clock Type” to “Pattern” in the MIDI Sync preferences tab. Your RH301 also won’t start to sync to MIDI when there is a cable plugged into the EXT. CLOCK jack on the patch bay – even if no clock signal is present at that input.

Also, check your MIDI cables. A large percentage of problems with MIDI sync are arising from cheap or broken MIDI cables. If you have the opportunity, try different MIDI cables.

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