I’ve heard you sometimes also fix gear, can I bring my stuff over?

It’s correct that we fix gear sometimes, but this is only on the special Fix-It-Days, we try to host 3 or 4 of those per year and everybody who would like to drop by can come by our office with their broken piece of gear. We will try to fix it for you free of charge, while you drink a beer, have a chat, play with a modular synthesizer, our pedals, the kommander and all the other stuff that is lying around in our office.

The Rules:

  1. You have to come in person with your piece of broken gear.
  2. Please contact us in advance at support@koma-elektronik.com with an overview of the problems so we can assess the situation.
  3. When we cannot fix it, we will try to point you in the direction of somebody who can.
  4. We usually get 7 – 10 people over on one afternoon and we want to help them all, so when you want you analogue synth completely checked, it’s maybe better to look for somebody who is specialized at that and has the time to do it right.
  5. Fun: it is supposed to be fun, so please come and drink our beer and talk with other enthusiasts, we do it to meet all of you!

PLEASE NOTE: We only accept gear for fixing on these special days. Please do not contact us about fixing gear when we did not announce a new Fix-It-Day, since we are very busy with building and giving support for our own products! Thanks in advance and hopefully see you soon on a Fix-It-Day!

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