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KOMA Strom Passive Module

The KOMA STROM Passive Module completes your KOMA STROM power solution, whether you have a STROM, a STROM+ module or the whole bundle package.

The STROM passive module distributes the power, which can be linked to an active, or another passive module with a connector cable in the front of the module. The connector cable is included with the passive module. Thanks to its minimalist slick design, it also looks great in your rack!

The STROM Passive Module comes with one 12,5 cm connector cable with which you can connect over the rows to other Strom modules. It also has another connector cable socket in the back to connect a STROM busboard and two standard 16-pin Eurorack connectors to connect flying busboards or modules directly.

Strom Passive Module is 4 HP wide.

Read the Manual for the KOMA Elektronik STROM Power Solution.



See here the Koma Power Pinouts ” power

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