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  • koma elektronik replacable fuse Add to cart Quick View

    Replacement Fuses for the KOMA Elektronik STROM Modules

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    Used too much power in your STROM system? We’ve got you covered! Simply replace your fuse in your power supply with this one and you can continue making music!

    Contains: 2 fuses.

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    Field Kit DC Motor

    15,00  Add to cart

    DC motor for use with the Field Kit DC interface. Great for attaching pieces of tape or small objects to the shaft and get sounds out of surfaces and objects. You can use an electromagnetic pickup to use it as an oscillator.

    The DC interface of the Field Kit allows you the control the speed of the motor with a knob or a control voltage, like an LFO or a trigger.

  • feedcable Add to cart Quick View

    Field Kit FX Delay Feedback Cable

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    Minijack insert cable. 1 x 3.5mm stereo to 2 x 3.5mm mono jack.

    You can use this cable to break up the internal feedback loop of the Field Kit FX digital delay section. This is great if you want to make “dark feedback” by adding a lowpass filter for example. Or why not run the delay feedback through the spring reverb or the pitch shifter?

  • KOMA Case Connector Kit

    16,00  Select options

    Use the KOMA Case Connectors to connect rows of KOMA Cases together and build up your system.

    All connectors are made of high-quality Finnish plywood and are coated with a durable transparent melamine film. The black surface is hardwearing and crack resistant as well as easy to clean.

    The connectors come with all the mounting material you need. The rounded head screws can be used for permanent setups in tight spaces and the wingnut screws can be used to mount and dismount the standoffs quickly.

    1 Kit contains everything you need to connect two cases together: Two wooden connectors, 4 machine screws and 4 wing screws.

  • Field Kit – Eurorack Electro Acoustic Workstation

    249,00  Read more

    Play with Motors, Sensors, Contact Microphones, Radiosignals! The Field Kit was funded through the community at Kickstarter and now available here on the KOMA website. The Field Kit is more fun with the right tools! You could add an Expansion Pack!

    This is the assembled EURORACK version of the Field Kit, for boxed assembled version, go here, for the DIY version, go here.

    Availability: Ships 1 – 2 days after ordering.

  • synthsynth Add to cart Quick View

    Mini-to-Big Jack Cable: 3.0m (Pack of 2)

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    2x 3m long mono cables, with a big jack (6,3mm) on one end, and a small jack (3,5mm) on the other — perfect for patching between your modular system and mixer or other electronics!

  • hanger Add to cart Quick View

    Kabelhänger – Extra Arm

    9,00  Add to cart

    Add an extra arm to your Kabelhänger module!

  • KOMA Strom Power Supply (AC/DC Adapter)

    39,00  Select options

    All the electricity you need to power up your modular setup with the Strom+ module.

  • Komplex Sequencer 19″ Rack Ears

    39,00  Read more

    Set of 2 pcs 19″ rack ears, especially designed for the Komplex Sequencer, made of 1.5mm galvanized steel, with 2xM3 PEM nuts installed and powder coated RAL 9003.

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    KOMA Strom+ Module

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    Strom+ is a strong, reliable and safe 4HP power solution for your modular system. The Strom+ power module includes many safety mechanisms to prevent your modules from being damaged. These include most importantly short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection and a replaceable main input fuse. See the full list below.

    Strom+ also offers a current sensing technology that indicates current consumption of your system. LEDs of each rail will turn orange then red, when current consumption reaches or crosses the maximum load of that rail.

    Strom+ has extremely low ripple, even under full load. This means better sound and stability for your modules.

    One module can power multiple skiffs via Strom Passive Module, a Strom Connector Cable, or a KOMA Strom Busboard.

  • FT201 – Analog Filter / 10 Step Sequencer (Discontinued)

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    The FT201 Analog Filter / 10-Step Sequencer is our innovative voltage controlled vactrol state variable filter combined with a 10 step sequencer. The FT201 is capable of providing ultra low and high frequency filter effects which are controllable with the on board infrared expression controller, which allows the user to create filter sweeps by moving their feet or hands over the pedal. The FT201 has 3 different filter outputs: band pass, low pass and high pass, which all work simultaneously and are accessible as outputs on the patch bay. The cutoff frequency range is very large, between 20 Hz and 20 kHz and because of the vactrols used the sound quality is superb. The 10 Step Sequencer runs through the selected amount of steps (2 – 10 steps) and adds the control voltage to the value set by the Cutoff knob, thus modulating the cutoff frequency in every step.

    In February 2018 we discontinued the FT201. 

  • BD101 – Analog Gate / Delay (Discontinued)

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    The KOMA Elektronik BD101 Analog Gate / Delay is an innovative voltage controlled analog delay in combination with a fully adjustable wide frequency range gate. The BD101 is capable of providing bit crushing effects, resonant frequencies, fast shifts between heavy delayed and cranked up sounds and super short pulses, with whatever instrument you want to plug into it. With the on board infrared expression controller the user is able to override / control all the front panel controls by moving their hands or feet over it, which makes the pedal a versatile and powerful tool for use live or in the studio.

    In February 2018 we discontinued the BD101. 

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