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KMNDR / 1U Kommander

KMNDR the new little brother of the KOMMANDER.

A less intrusive version of the Kommander, designed to integrate seamlessly into your modular setup. It takes up minimal space (8HP), fitting perfectly within your 1U row, ready to play an active role and give a plotwist to your production workflow or live acts.

An infrared motion controller that makes controlling your modules intuitive and fun. The KMNDR measures the distance to other objects (e.g. your hand) and sends a CV and gate signal.

This will allow you to interact with your modular system in a fun and intuitive way, create complex synth sounds, trigger a drum machine and “play” your modules.

Just plug the KMNDR into your synthesizer and create! The KMNDR ships with a 10 pin power connector.


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Meet the KMNDR: our new compact sibling of the renowned KOMMANDER. This infrared X-Y motion controller is about to revolutionize the way you interact with your modular synthesizer.

Designed to make module control both intuitive and enjoyable, the KMNDR transforms physical gestures into musical witchcraft. By simply measuring the distance to objects like your hand, it sends out CV signals ranging from 0 to 10 volts, alongside a 10V gate output, enabling a tactile and expressive approach to music creation.

Whether you’re looking to craft complex synth landscapes, trigger rhythms on a drum machine, or “play” your modules as if they were traditional instruments, the KMNDR is your gateway to a new and organic musical expression. You can seamlessly integrate it into your setup thanks to 1U standards dimensions.

The KMNDR is not just about functionality; it’s about bringing fun back into music production. It ships ready-to-use with a 10 pin power connector, ensuring you can dive straight into creating the moment it arrives. Prepare to engage with your modular system like never before. Use the KMNDR to transform yourself into a witch doing witchcraft.


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1U modularKMNDR / 1U Kommander

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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